Art as an Actor for Transformation

Our group are in the early planning stages of presenting an idea for the different themes at the conference. As connections broke and then restored again, we discussed art as meaning, art as knowledge and art as an actor to empower transformation towards learning for sustainability. We also discussed some practical ideas about how to design a platform where participants can

“create untraditional performances, provocative presentations, thrilling events, evocative exhibitions, unconventional papers, and much more”.

Luckily, prior to this meeting, I met with an old friend (Kate McBain) who is also working with art in education. Her work with a Doctorate in Professional Studies has led her on a journey towards creative transformations and how art is a vital actor in our intrapersonal (self-awareness/mindset) thinking competence. We discussed how her work with The Pirates of The Carabina can help to provide such a creative platform for the AoMO conference. Performance art through participatory narratives, including additional activities and workshops, will provide the opportunity to present our work in a unique way. It was great to catch up, but also inspiring to both create ideas for our work and where we can collaborate, and fantastic to find out that we are both working towards very similar goals. Birds of a feather, my dear!

What nontraditional performance, provocative presentation, thrilling event, evocative exhibition, or unconventional paper could you produce for an audience to help transform mindsets? Would you like to design and organise a theme for an event that could transform mindsets? Which tools would you need to take part in such activities?

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