Explore the key sustainability competencies to help advance your education for sustainability

A learning progression model for assessment, teaching activities and curriculum development.

We believe that education is central for transforming towards a sustainable future. The UN’s sustainable development goals are one tool that education can adopt to help build a strong social foundation, so that sustainable economies can exist and together societies and economies can protect and support our planet. In order to advance our education for sustainability, we feel that collaborating is vital and so consider the UN’s SDG 17 as a goal that connects all others together in a non-hierarchical relationship.

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The Initiative

The aim of this project is to build a strong sustainable society that can provide a sustainable economy and protect the environment for all to enjoy. We have created this interactive education for sustainbility (ESD) teacher support toolkit. We want to create a collaborative network of ESD teachers to advance our education for sustainability action.


Whether you are interested in the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs), want to delve deeper into the sustainability perspective through a learner’s perspective or are starting your journey within ESD, this community will help you on your journey. You will find information about different ESD perspectives, activities you can use or contribute activities that you would like to share to the network. There are also opportunities to share your stories, events that you have planned or may be of interest to others and get to know new and wonderful people.

Get to know the key sustainability competencies (KSC)

(Redman & Wiek, 2021)

The KSCs can help learners to build the necessary competencies to work with integrated problem solving.

How can you apply ESD?

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