Our Mission

Developing a Tool For ESD

We aim to transform ESD approaches by supportig teachers, students and connecting with organisation to develop the key sustainability competencies to act for sustainability. The sustainability competence assessment tool and digital support platform should be valuable in all learning situations. We therefore invite you to take part in the project to apply and develop this digital ESD tool that takes a student-centred learning approach. 

This project is important as it will contribute to our ongoing work to fulfill the targets for quality education for sustainability as part of the UN’s sustainable development goal 4. At the recent UNESCO world conference, a declaration for advancing education for sustainability (ESD) by 2030 was addressed, which states that to learn for our planet and act for sustainability we need to train our teachers to teach for sustainability.

The digital tool that we would like to co-create with you contributes to a learning progression approach to ESD and will provide information that can support our colleagues to conduct an improved ESD. The digital tool will provide the formative assesssment, tips on pedagogical activities for teachers to apply when planning their future courses with the student group and a netwroking platform to connect to organisations working with sustainability challenges.  In turn, we will gain a better understanding of student’s learning and the students will gain a systematic ESD, nourishing their interest and increasing their ability to work for sustainability.  

Specifically, the tool will assess the students’ key sustainability competencies (KSC) using a questionnaire survey. An analysis of the data and a comparison with the modules, courses and programs’ curriculum will provide insights about what can be done to transform and develop curriculum for sustainability. In turn, particpants will be able to identify what support is required to advance teaching for sustainability. This will be done through the creation of a digital platform as a learning space for teachers, students and organisations to contribute to discussions about ESD, share pedagogical experiences and create and organise new activities for continued development.

Together, we can transform for sustainability. Enjoy the resources made available on this website!

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1: Questionnaire

We distribute a questionnaire to learn about your students’ sustainability competencies.

2: Response processing

We analyse the results for your specific group. Group feedback will be provided for teachers. Individual feedback will be given to students with advice about how they can reflect and learn to develop their sustainability competence.

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3: Feedback

We provide feedback about the students’ sustainability competencies that you can use to plan your next sustainability education steps. Teachers can share their experiences of ESD in their class on our website.

4: Interactive Virtual Learning Platform

We co-create to share teaching activities and expereinces that everyone can contribute to and use. Discussion forums and social events can be posted on the website and connections with organisations can be made. The platform will be interactive and evolving for your needs.

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Coming soon! An individual mapping of sustainability progression in courses and programs can be provided. Real-life sustainability challenges can be addressed by new collaborations between students and organisations as well as teachers and all particpants. A virtual meeting place and individual learning space for all.