Services on Offer!

Presentations, Workshops, Assessment and Teaching Activities!



If you are interested in our project but are not sure if it is a good fit for you or would like to ask more about us, we can provide a presentation about our project. You can ask questions live, provide feedback and get involved with the different aspects of the project. Sign up for a presentation here and we can arrange a zoom chat or a meeting in real life.

Sustainability Competence Assessment

You can sign up to assess the sustainability competence of your students. We will provide you with the questionnaire and the results of the questionnaire will be sent to you with some information about how to proceed with your work. We can also provide a feedback zoom chat session so that we can discuss any questions and feedback that you have about this process. Sign up to use the questionnaire here.


For those of you that are interested in our project and would like to help your colleagues to advance their education for sustainability, we can provide workshops. We have designed workshops that are adaptable to your needs so you can discuss, inspire and engage fellow ESDers where you work. Sign up for a workshop here and we can arrange a zoom workshop or a workshops in real life.

Community Forum

You can also share your experiences no matter if you have taken part in an assessment, presentation or workshop. Start to reflect on your experience in our forum so that others can learn from your experiences, provide feedback and connect with you for any future collaborations. You can provide information anonymously, but get to know who is interested in your activities. Then it is up to you if you want to contact those who show an interest in your work, ideas and reflections. Start to share your experience now!


Thank you for providing these services. We really need it right now. There are so many feeling lost in how to go forward and many have been searching for different tools to help them with their work. What you are doing can really help so many to find the confidence in the brilliant work they are already doing, as well as help inspire more to get involved.

I have had many people coming to me and asking about how we can practically apply these SDGs. They just don’t feel relevant in all courses. Some feel like they are just forcing it in, but don’t know why. Your workshops could really help people to discuss these problems and perhaps better understand how best to implement education for sustainability. These competencies and these goals might compliment each other.

Let’s build something great together.