Action, Activities and the Next Act

This week we want to announce the opening of our services to you all. Firstly, we will provide a workshop series for teacher groups to help apply education for sustainability in your context. This spring, we will be visiting Örebro University and Göteborg University to provide workshops for teacher groups interested in developing their skills to teach sustainability in the education they provide across disciplines. We hope to encourage a transdisciplinary approach by stimulating engagement between departments and sharing pedagogical activity ideas, to enable teachers to view education for sustainability challenges from different perspectives.

Workshops will provide the opportunity to address the challenges and positive outcomes that can be shared between participants. Assessments, goals and pedagogical activities will form a learning progression approach to the tasks that take place with each workshop. Sharing experiences in workshops, seminar series, lectures and presentations can help teachers to gain different perspectives to help overcome challenges to education for sustainability. Together we will provide support to the challenges faced in our journey to advance education for sustainability.

If you or your teachers want to take part in our workshops or seminars, or if you would like a lecture or a presentation from us, sign up here!

To empower teachers to be able to take action in their pursuit to advance education for sustainability, it can be beneficial to take small steps to enable the transformation of mindsets towards education for sustainability. However, transforming education for sustainability can involve a need to shake, rattle and shock the norm in our pedagogical approaches and activities applied to education. This sometimes challenging expereince can be supported by a platform where we can share expereinces and devlop at our own pace. While art is by no means new to the field of pedagogy, art is seldom used in a transdisciplinary manner. The benefits of placing learning experiences into different perspectives are substantial. Art can certainly deliver such support and a virtual space can reach more.

We talked with Professor Jos Eussen this week about his plans to develop a transdisciplinary course where the students help design the course. Students will learn through experiential transdisciplinary activities about subjects they want to learn and consider important for their futures. Student exchange between universities will open up the world for students to experience new perspectives in new cultures, and work with sustainability challenges through a flexible transdisciplinary approach. We plan to provide support through our entrepreneurial town Umeå and the sustainability work that evolves in the region, and the artistic life at Umeå University.

We look forward to all the wonderful inspiration being created by you all. We are so happy to hear all about the different innovations occurring in so many places and hope to see more of you soon. Sign up to our workshops and we can come to help support you too. This week’s discussion forum questions: what support do you need to help advance your education for sustainability? Could our workshops help you to form collaborative innovative hubs where teachers can help inspire each other?

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