New Partnerships: Support Through Art Education for Sustainability

We would like to create a space where participants can generate the art for sustainability education support, on site in real-time to promote experiential learning activities for sustainability. There could also be workshops that provide the opportunity to create direct action of education for sustainability through art. Transforming mindsets towards sharing experiences of art in education for sustainability will create real-time support for participants.

Whether it is physical participatory art or static art that moves you to do, art can help inspire thought through different perspectives. For example, and famously, the artist Banksy and the American artists Guerrilla Girls have provoked many to consider alternative perspectives. The conference welcome all forms of art,

“poetry, theatre, dance, song, film, painting, sculpture, musicals, even circus!”

AoMO 2024
(Shindig Festival, 2022)

How would you design a stream to inspire education for sustainability through art? What would you like to see or contribute, to a stream for art in education for sustainability? How could we inspire you to inspire others through art? Who has inspired you to take a different approach to action for sustainability? Share your thoughts on our discussion forum this week.

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