The Interdisciplinary Nature of Art

Thank you for your mutual enthusiasm for art in education and the importance of using outdoor autonomous activities for learning. Disrupting the norm and questioning the traditional, while playing within the norm can be quite a complex field to navigate. Using the interdisciplinary nature of sustainabilty education as a tool to show how simple methods can open up to several learning experiences at the same time is exactly the type of learning activities we would love to share with you all. Sometimes the simple changes with simple techniques can create much more complex learning experiences for students, ready to ask those thousand questions.

We’ve also been talking with some more IT specialists to discuss how we can develop our platform to incorporate all our big ideas that we want to be able to provide for you all. The possibilities to automatise some of our functions should be up and running soon. There will also be an additional chat bot that can help you to navigate around the website to find the information you would like more easily. Let us know how you would like information for your ESD and we will design it. What is missing for you?

We have many other plans that are in the idea stage but should be released soon, so keep checking in on our work.  With these updates, you will be able to share your experiences and find advice for your own ESD practices. We love to hear your stories and how inspiring your ideas can be, so keep them rolling in and let everyone know about the wonderful work you are already doing. This week, we would like to hear more about your work with Art in our discussion forum.

Would you visit a virtual art gallery? How could you apply a virtual art gallery in your lessons? Could the creation of a reading group be implemented in your department, faculty or across the university? What help would you need?

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