Learning Progression Part 2: Instruction from above and below

This week we have been reflecting on what we have learnt so far about teacher support that exists and support desired. We have experienced several very engaged and supportive teachers for sustainability on our journey. While Gert-Olof and I planned for a teacher’s day together, we decided to conduct some interviews with our business school colleagues. We wanted to learn what it was that teachers felt they needed in terms of support to advance their education for sustainability. We found that there is a great need for a strong support network that can provide support from above, such as guidelines and experts to lead the way; support from below, such as discussions, workshops, seminars; support to have the space to create, test, build, and learn.

At the planning day, we had discussions about learning progression, integrating sustainability, communicating sustainability and using tools such as the sustainable development goals and the key sustainability competencies. After the planning day we created a seminar series to help develop these ideas with our colleagues as we discussed the fun and challenges that have been experienced across the three departments of the school. An interesting emerging theme about how to teach about sustainability and for sustainability developed, which has inspired much of our project.

We also gained support from the PUNKTUM project at the teaching department and have been able to take our project further. We introduced our ideas across the university campus and found that a support network where teachers can collaborate and be inspired by others is in high demand. Many colleagues across departments and faculties have given us their support for continuing this work.

However, the most needed resource is time. Who has the time? Does anyone have the time to reflect on their support needs?

  • What do you need?
  • What can we do?
  • What activities do you use to teach for sustainability?
  • Where can you go for support?
  • When is the best time to develop your education for sustainability?
  • How would you like to be supported?
  • How can you find the time?
  • How can you transform your education for sustainability?

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