A Virtual Living-Lab to Learn for Sustainability

Now that we have had more than a year of experience planning our platform, presenting our project and receiving great encouraging and valuable feedback from you all, we have reached out to technical advisors that can develop the platform further. The design of our platform has been inspired by our conversations about what you need to help support you in your ESD work and what the students have shown they need. From this experience, we have been working on different specifications that can bring these desires into reality.

With support from technical advisors, we will soon have the opportunity to develop our virtual-living-lab for sustainability learning. We have many ideas and sevral are in development. If you have any more suggestions about how we can best deliver our services, please get in touch to let us know about your experiences. For example, we have considered the support function of a chat-bot that can help access the information you want to find on the platform with direct links and further advice. As teachers begin to share experiences, the more information about tips and activities there will be for you all to navigate. We will also be able to build a network of ESDers available to contact online, so you can build a web of experience to collaborate further on your journey to advance your ESD.

We will also be able to provide instant feedback to the students about their individual profile. With this automated service, students can begin to reflect on their own sustainability competence level. Links to information about what they can do to improve their sustainability competence will be provided. There will also be contacts in the job market for students to reach out to those that can help them on their life-long learning journey.

Together, a virtual living lab to learn for sustainability can evolve to all needs as collaborations strengthen and competencies for sustainability progress. Thank you to all those supporting our project through participation, feedback, workshop engagement, funding and technical advice. We look forward to meeting more new faces when we visit an ESD conference in Liverpool, England in the new year. Maybe we will see you there too!

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