An Explosion of Engagement

We have had the pleasure this week to discuss the work of education for sustainability with different lecturers at Örebro University. One program coordinator told us about how they have been trying to integrate sustainability into the modules of a program by working with the sustainable development goals. They pointed out how they have experienced some difficulties in trying to use all 17 SDGs on the program. This is not the first time we have heard this struggle. Some find it tricky to see the relevance of integrating some parts of sustainability into education programs and have reached out for support. This is where our work with this project and our website can help.

While searching for tools to help find solutions to the problem of integrating sustainbility into a program at university, the lecturer at Örebro university came across our Sustainability Competence Assessment tool on our website. They applied to take part in the project by clicking on the link in the top menu. We arranged a time to meet on zoom and discussed how the sustainability competence assessment tool functions and what support we can provide. We discussed how our tool can help to better understand how to address the sustainability competencies in a step-by-step approach, that can build on to develop the competencies that are relevant for the student group.

We had an interesting learning experience when reflecting on how different disciplines already work with teaching for sustainability and we compared experiences together. It can be quite eye-opening to reach out across disciplines for tips and ideas about teaching activities that can help develop learning approaches regarding education for sustainability. Thank you for your insight, it was much appreciated.

We also talked with an educational developer who is involved with educational development for sustainability at Örebro university. Since they had a conference in August 2022 that provided a space for lecturers to explore education for sustainability, they have expereined a great enthusiastic response from many lecturers who are very engaged in their work to develop their teaching for sustainability. The teachers were reaching out for more help to practically apply education for sustainability in their disciplines. The event was sought after so much that they had to turn down many teachers that were interested in attending, due to a lack of seats. Since the event, it was explained that there has been an “explosion of engagement” that are almost screaming out for support.

We have been invited to provide support at Örebro university through our workshop series. The workshops are designed to introduce our project and adapt to how we can help teachers support each other. This workshop series will be on offer for all universities that feel they need the support to help advance their education for sustainability. It was fantastic to hear the great news of the work being done at Örebro university, thank you again and see you soon.

We have also been catching up with our work with learning progression across programs at Umeå university that are taking part in our project that follows master program students. The work is coming along well, and collaborations are being considered for a future research group. The larger this action research project becomes the more we can achieve together. We thank everyone for their inspiring reflections and contributions to the project. It has been a wonderful week.

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