One year later!

It has been almost a year since we launched this website and we have been fortunate enough to have met with so many engaging and inspiring people. We have met with people from different organisations in Umeå council, at the county region conference and national and international conferences for education and sustainability. However, most of our inspiration has come from lectures and teachers across different universities here in Sweden and in the Baltic region. Your support for our project has inspired us to keep searching for new possibilities and ways to develop our ideas and act for sustainability.

A BIG thank you to you all!

Those of you who were part of our early first round tests of the Sustainability Competence Assessment (SCA) tool at the design school, humanities faculty, science and technology faculty and sociology department helped us to gain an understanding from different perspectives and adapt the questions to be relevant in several contexts. This early work has led us to inspiring talks with teachers that lead five different master programs, which has currently opened the opportunity to test the SCA tool with the same student group and to follow the groups over the whole program period. These collaborations will improve the validation of the SCA tool and benefit our future collaboration work, so thank you again to the geography, industrial economics, accounting and finance lecturers for your current particpation. We look forward to our future work together.

Our exciting plans have also begun to gain great enthusiasm among a variety of organisations that are interested in developing their sustainability competency. Our SCA tool will be tested in a professional environment and collaborations can be made between students and organisations that want to work on solutions to real-life sustainability challenges. We would like to thank all the organisations for their input and great insight into how sustainability functions in local communities and what we can learn for the future of our students.

Today we have confirmed particpation with several lecturers that work with sustianability at Örebro univeristy. The department at Örebro university has been working with integrating sustainbility into its programs and course and have begun work for a platform for a sustainable future. We are glad to be a part of this important work. We have also confirmed particpation with several lecturers at Kungliga Tekniska högskolan (KTH). The sustainbility Competence Assessment tool will be applied in a project where lecturers are working with sustainable development and education. Alongside our work that has already started with Uppsala university, Göteborg university and Åbo university, we are beginning to understand how to apply a SCA tool across disciplines and contexts.

It is our plan for the future that lecturers, students and organisations will be able to work on solutions for real-life sustainability challenges in real-time. We will follow the progress of teachers input of experiential activities as they implement the SCA tool and share their experiences with us. Students will learn from their own SCA results and be able to reflect on what they can do to improve their confidence in sustainability competencies as they continue their studies. Students will also be able to work with solutions for sustainability in collaboration with real-life examples in organisations. Organisations will be able to learn from a great resource of knowledge from real-time teacher and student activities, putting theory into practice.

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