Great Aspirations

Our plans on how best to develop this platform so that we can provide the support everybody needs has begun to find assistance and inspiration in several different contexts. This week we met with different education professionals to discuss our plans, increase our network and to strengthen collaboration with other education organizations. One main point on the agenda was how to find the knowledge and skills that can contribute to the design and application of the technological functions we want to use on the platform. We have many ideas about how we can provide feedback and resources to students and teachers. We would also like to create a collaborative network between students, teachers and a variety of external organisations.

We plan to involve organisations in a collaborative problem-solving workspace where all participants can find contacts and networks to help develop skills, provide pedagogical activities and solve real-life problems. Creating the opportunity for everyone to develop their competence for action for sustainability is the main goal of this project. It has been a wonderful experience this week to find people in many different contexts that feel the same about putting their knowledge into practice.

Soon this website will be upgraded to provide much more services and interactive opportunities. One important aspect we need to learn more about is how you feel about what you need to help support your work for sustainability. How would you like to be best supported on a digital platform like this one? What functions would you like to find?

We are currently in the process of writing several applications to funds that can help us develop this platform further. To do this and to gain the suitable amount of resources we estimate that we need, it would be helpful to hear from you about what you need. What kind of interactive platform suits you best?

We will be discussing these questions and more about our project at the next UPL workshop on October 4th 12:00-14:30. The workshops have been designed as a follow-up for teacher-students of the ESD course provided by UPL at Umeå University. Anyone who has taken part in the course is welcome to the workshops. Anyone who is interested in this work done at Umeå University is welcome to get in contact with us or the teachers at UPL. We will provide feedback about our experience at the workshops as they develop this academic year.

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