Conference week

Last week, we presented our project at a conference for teachers in higher education. The conference was held in Stockholm and online this year. There were many opportunities to listen and discuss interesting topics about teacher didactics, the activities and instruction that is needed to work with a diverse range of students. The participants were very welcoming and open to inspire and help others in a community of higher education across disciplines.

We had a great talk with some people working with education for sustainability at Örebro University, the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology. At Örebro University there is a group that are trying to help their teachers with professional development in ESD and we reflected over having similar expereinces of teachers feeling alone in their work to integrate ESD into their discipline. If you are interested in reading more about their work you can check out the link provided below.

We also learnt more about a unit at the university of Gothenburg that provides support to researchers across disciplines, as well as students at the university. The unit is currently working to create more immediate action for sustainability. You can read more about their work so far and the ongoing projects below.

Also last week, Katarzyna Wolanik Boström presented our project on Narratives about sustainability in small, remotely located companies at the Nordic Ethnology and Folklore Conference, Reykjavik. The presentation was about what we found in an interview study with local organisations in northern Sweden. It addresses the question How does a company translate and incorporate “sustainability” into everyday operational activities? Great feedback and discussions were had with inspiring research suggestions.

Thank you to everyone who have shared their experiences with us in these great communications of action for sustainability. We have greatly appreciated the encouraging attitudes we have witnessed. We hope everyone has a fun summer and look forward to future collaborations. We will be taking a break in communication for the summer, but might update any events as they come along.

See you all after the summer break and enjoy!

P.S. I was recommended a fiction book to read a while back called Solar by Ian McEwan, first published in 2010. I have manged to find the time to begin the book and find it quite interesting, so far. It’s about the politics in renewable energy science and academia. I normally love his books, so I have great anticipation for it. If anyone needs inspiration for this summer’s read, perhaps we could discuss it in the Autumn. Does anyone have any suggestions to read this summer?

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