Living Labs, Conferences and more…

This week we gave a follow up presentation and discussion with the humanities faculty at Umeå University. The director of studies and program coordinators gave very encouraging support and a willingness to take part in our learning progression approach to education for sustainability. We also learnt about the continued ongoing work that the humanities faculty have put into creating discussion and awareness about the activities that teachers need to achieve when integrating sustainability into their curricula.

Overall, there is a sense that some faculties and departments have progressed further with their education for sustainbility than others at Umeå university. However, all faculties and departments have begun their journey towards integrating education for sustainability. Umeå university’s environmental project coordinator has been working towards integrating sustainability at a university level and has shown support for our work with student assessment of sustainability competencies. This new collaboration will help us path a way to achieve a whole school approach and continue our work towards a living lab for sustainability.

We have also begun our journey towards a wider national outreach for collaboration with universities across Sweden. Several universities have shown an interest and we will be presenting our project at conferences throughout the rest of the year. First stop will be at the NU22 pedagogical conference held at Stockholm University in June. Then we will present at the Nordic Ethnology and Folklore Conference RE:22 in Reykjavik, also in June.

We also plan to present at Umeå university’s pedagogical conference and we have applied to present at the FEKIS conference, both held in October. If you would like to present your own work or would like to attend a pedagogical conference coming soon, Uppsala university have a good webpage with more details (only in Swedish). We hope to see some of you there!

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